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Since its inception in 1995, CSSTEAP has taken strides in the capacity building process by imparting quality education and training in the field of Space Science & Technology to working professionals and university teachers. The aim of the CSSTEAP Alumni Association is to enable our alumni all over the Asia-Pacific region who have studied in CSSTEAP to build personal networks and share knowledge, ideas and experience with one another and the Centre.

CSSTEAP welcome you to join the fraternity of alumni by sharing your information, professional experience & achievements. We highly recommend you to join this initiative. This assures you to avail features apart from educational guidance, contacting fellow alumni but also a number of other privileges

 How it works

      First, you will need to create an account to take advantage of all these great features.

  • Under "Alumni Login" click on " No account yet? Create one"
  • Fill out all required fields and submit registration.
  • You will receive a email from the CSSTEAP Site of Confirmation.
  • You are ready to access Alumni profiles and edit/add new image to your profile.

 CSSTEAP Alumni Features

      Once you have registered on the site you will be able to use all our features.

  • Search for Alumni and View their profiles
  • Edit your information, change your username, email address, etc
  • Email Alumni through their profile via a form.
  • Opportunity to let everyone know what you've doing
  • Send comments and queries

 Other Privileges

  • Technical guidance through the Centre
  • Downloading of education materials as and when available on the website.