Course Content: SATMET

Course Content

The Satellite Meteorology & Global Climate Course of 9 months duration has three modules, each of three months duration. The first module covers basic concepts in Satellite Meteorology, Climatology and Remote Sensing, besides image interpretation aspects.

Concepts in Meteorology and Climatology

  • Basic concepts of Meteorology, Climatology and Oceanography

  • Mathematical and Statistical, Computational Techniques for Satellite Meteorology

Concepts in Satellite Meteorology

  • Radiative Transfer in Satellite Meteorology

  • Meteorological Satellites Orbit, Instrumentation

Image Processing & Interpretation

  • Image Processing Techniques and Geographic Information System (GIS)

  • Image Interpretation in Meteorology and Weather Forecasting

The second module will focus on advanced concepts in SATMET, parameter retrieval and specific application areas using mainly digital information. Problems specific to the region and modeling aspects will also be covered here.

Geophysical Parameter Retrieval

  • Atmospheric Parameters

  • Land and Oceanic Parameters

Applications of Satellite Derived Parameters

  • Applications in Meteorology and Weather Forecasting

  • Satellite Data Assimilation in Numerical Models

Global Climate and Environment

  • Short Term Climate Variability