Eighth PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2003 - 2004

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Mr. Ziya Inkar Huseynov Azerbaijan Delineation of Unstable Slopes in a part of Song River Watershed using RS & GIS
2. Mr. Aleskerov R. Elman Azerbaijan Mapping & Monitoring of Land Use/Land Cover & Lake Boundary using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques: A Case Study of Udaipur City, Rajasthan
3. Md. Rejaur Rahman Bangladesh Flood Inundation Mapping & Damage Assessment using Remote Sensing & GIS
4. Ms. Qiaohong Li China Land use Land Cover change Analysis in Pali Gad Watershed (Aglar Sub-watershed) and its impact on Soil Erosion Process - A Geospatial Approach
5. Mr. Apete T Soro Fiji Islands Coastal Landform and Land use Study and their changes using Multi-temporal Remote Sensing Data in the South Andaman Island
6. Ms. Garima Porwal India Biodiversity Characterization in Panna National Park (part), Madhya Pradesh using RS and GIS
7. Mr. Muhammad Dayuf Jusuf Indonesia Crop and Soil Water Balance Study using Remote Sensing & GIS - A case Study of Sirsa District Haryana State, India
8. Win Islamuddin Bale Indonesia Application of Remote Sensing for Coral Reef Habitat Mapping and their Variation with Bathymetry South Andaman, Andaman Island
9. Ms. Kanayim O. Teshebaeva Kyrgyzstan Mapping and Analysis of Green / Open Spcaes in Udaipur City using Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
10. Mr. Sarypbekov Erenulug Raykulovich Kyrgyzstan Snowmelt Runoff Model of Beas Basin
11. Mr. Mahmood Riyaz Maldives Classification of Near Shore Substrate Types of South Andaman, using Optical Remote Sensing Data
12. Mr. Battogtokh Demchig Mongolia Characterization of Wheat Growing Environment using Remote Sensing and GIS - A case Study of Sirsa District, Haryana
13. Mr. Aung Lwin Myanmar Characterization of ERS SAR Interferometric tandem data for Terrain Analysis
14. Mr. Kaushal Kishore Jha Nepal Irrigation Water Management using Remote Sensing and GIS - A Case Study of Parbati Reservoir Command Area, Rajasthan
15. Mr. Robert Franklin C. Canto Philippines Utilization of Satellite Derived Sea Surface Temperature and Sea Surface Chlorophyll for Identification of Productive Zones in the Bay of Bengal
16. Ms. T.M.B.P.K. Tennakoon Sri Lanka Management of Torrential Watershed using Remote Sensing & GIS - A Case Study of Dangri River Watershed, Haryana, India
17. Mr. Kiattiphong Udomtanaterra Thailand Geological Hazard Assessment of a part of Shillong-Sichar-Aizawl Highway Route Corridor using Remote Sensing and GIS
18. Mr. Jahangir Zakirov Uzbekistan Spatial Crop Water Requirement Estimation using Satellite and Agrometeorological Data
19. Mr. Tulkun Yuldashev Uzbekistan Regional Evapotranspiration Mapping using Satellite Data - A Case Study of Hisar District, Haryana
20. Mr. Nguyen Duc Hien Vietnam Flood Information System of Puri District, Orissa, India in 2003
21. Mr. Tran Van Thien Vietnam Slope Stablility Analysis of Part of Shillong Silchar Aizwal Highway Route Corridor using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques