Eigth PG Course in SATMET 2012 - 2013

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Mr. Biswarup Das India Assimilation of Satellite Data in Ocean Circulation Model
2. Ms. Pooja Jindal India Applications of AIRS sounding products over Indian Region
3. Mr. Prabodh Shukla India Assimilation of multi satellite data in WRF model for track & intensity prediction of tropical cyclone
4. Ms. Kanayeva Bayan Kabylovna Kazakhstan Analysis of Mesoscale Convective System using Satellite Data
5. Ms. Lyazzat Orynbayeva Kazakhstan Validation of Operational Retrieval of Atmospheric Temperature and Humidity Profile from MODIS infrared Radiance over Kazakhstan and nearby region
6. Ms. Mahani Binti Abllah Malaysia Validation of LARH from SAPHIR with in-situ (Radio sonde) observations
7. Mr. Battushig Erdenedeleg Mongolia Examination of cosmic ray-cloud cover association using long term ISCCP cloud data
8. Ms. Bayarmaa Mendee Mongolia Estimation of Spatial and Diurnal variability of Precipitation over Mongolian using TRMM hourly (3B41) rainfall data
9. Mr. Pita Gampalage Yasarathna Sri Lanka Validation of KALPANA-SST and study of thermal features around Sri lanka
10. Mr. Ponna Handi Chaminda De Silva Sri Lanka A Comparative Study on Cloud Radiative Forcing over Sri lanka with Indian Monsoon Region
11. Mr. Saidov Sattor Ibragimovich Tajikistan Assessment of the change (2000-01 and 2011-12) in ice surface melting pattern over Himalayan region from scatterometer data
12. Ms. Sijotshoeva Sabzina Tajikistan Soil moisture indexing based on thermal inertia from Kalpana-1 observations
13. Mr. Putchaphan Sirisap Thailand Now casting of Mesoscale Convective System Using Satellite Data
14. Mr. Tung Thanh Hoang Vietnam Modeling Long Term change of Net Primary Productivity using Satellite Data