Eigth PG Course in Space Science 2012 - 2013

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Mr. K.Hareef Baba Shaeb India Analysis of Spatial variability of Ocean parameters using Radar Altimetric measurements from Space
2. Ms. Kumud Pandey India Emission of VOCs from biomass burning sources and their ozone formation potential over India
3. Ms. Rumajyoti Hazarika India Ionospheric Thermospheric response to prolonged southward IMF Bz period during moderate geomagnetic storm of 15 July 2012
4. Ms. Sonam Arora India Photometric and Polarimetric observations of Coments
5. Ms. Dudanova Liubov Kyrgyzstan Middle Atmospheric Temperature and Ozone over Sub-tropical and Mid-latitude using Satellite Observations
6. Ms. Riabikina Elena Kyrgyzstan Temporal variation of aerosol optical depth over West and North India MODIS AND GOCART
7. Mr. Ruslan Riabikin Kyrgyzstan Spectral Distribution of aerosol optical depths: MISR
8. Mr. Sandelger Dorligjav Mongolia Upper tropospheric Ozone over New Delhi
9. Ms. Dariimaa Enkhmunkh Mongolia Aerosol scattering coefficients and asymmetry parameter: Spectral and seasonal variations
10. Mr. Kyaw Min Tint Myanmar Observing the Sun in white light and H-alpha
11. Mr. Myo Min Tun Myanmar Solar X-Ray Spectrometer (SOXS)
12. Mr. Janaka Adassuriya Sri Lanka Photometric of the Globular Cluster M53 and the open Clusters NGC2362 and NGC2129
13. Mr. Samiev Sanginmurod Tajikistan Study of Total Column Ozone, Water Vapour and AOT over Western Sites of India
14. Mr. Mirkamalov Mirabbos Uzbekistan Multi-wavelength investigation of solar eruptive phenomena