Eleventh PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2006 - 2007

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Ismat Bakhishov Azerbaijan Customized GIS Application for Dehradun Tourist Information System (DTIS) using Map-Object and Visual Basic Environment
2. Md. Baktiar Nur Siddiqui Bangladesh Growing Stock and Biomass Estimation of Jhajra, Chuharpur and Langha Forest Range of Dehradun and Kalsi Forest Division
3. Xing Ma China Effect of land use and land cover change on Hydrological Processes in Kejie Watershed, China
4. Kommireddi Chinni V Nagakumar India Remote Sensing and Gis for Urban Green Space Analysis - A Case Study of Bhubaneswar city, Orissa
5. Moh. Fifik Syafiudin Indonesia Mapping Environmental Parameters of Coal Mining with Special Emphasis on Land Subsidence Using SAR Interferometry Technique
6. Asiya Zeinullina Kazakhstan Geoinformatics Approach for Comparative Evaluation of Forest Cover and Density Stratification on Optical and Microwave Remote Sensing Data
7. Svetlana Zyskova Kyrgyzstan Identification of Spatial extent of Avalanches phenomenon using geo-statistical techniques
8 Altanshagai Shirnen Mongolia Geomorphic Evidences of Recent Tectonics in Dehradun Transverse Zone using Digital Elevation Models
9. Oyun Demching Mongolia Hydro geological Investigations in Shiwalik Foothills, U.P. Using Remotely Sensed Data
10. Thandar Htoon Myanmar Urban Spatial Pattern from High Resolution Data Using Spatial and Spectral Properties
11. Hlaing Aung Min Myanmar Some Issues related with Sub-Pixel Classification using Hyperion Data
12. Naing Wynn Htay Myanmar Atmospheric Correction for Hyper spectral image (Hyperion Eo-1)
13. Mr. Myo Myint Soe Myanmar Cartosat-1 Digital Elevation Model Generation, its Validation and Visualization
14. Krishna Prasad Bhandari Nepal Application of GIS modeling for Dengue Fever Prone Area based on socio-cultural and environmental factors -A case study of Delhi City Zone
15. Hemanta Kafley Nepal Rhino Habitat Suitability Assessment in Dudhwa National Park using Remote Sensing and GIS
16. K Rajendram Sri Lanka Spatio-Temporal Response of Vegetation and Production of Crops to Climate in Rajasthan
17. Deepa Kumuduni Wevalpolagedara Sri Lanka Evaluation and Mapping of Physical Facilities of Bhubaneshwar city using RS & GIS
18. Mr. Jaturong Phetsuth Thailand Soil Resource Assessment for Land use Planning Using Remote Sensing and GIS (A Case Study in Eastern Part of Doon Valley, Dehradun)
19. Mr. Sawang Gunthawang Thailand Use of Thermal Infrared Remote Sensing in Urban Morphology Studies : A Case of Delhi, India
20. Davron Eshmuratov Komiljanovich Uzbekistan Supply and Demand Analysis of Bundi Branch Canal Irrigation Command area in Rajasthan, using RS & GIS techniques
21. Nguyen Viet Luong Vietnam Assessment of Forest Cover Dynamics and Predictive Modeling in Dindori Forest, Madhya Pradesh, India
22. Nguyen Ha Nguyen Vietnam Monitoring Land use and Land cover and associated environmental changes in Bhubaneswar city Using satellite data and GIS in ISO - TC 211