Faculty: Space & Atmospheric Science

List of Core Faculty

Sr no. Faculty Name E-Mail Topics
1 Prof. A. C. Das
Origin of Magnetic Field of Earth
Magnetosphere of Earth
Phenomena in Magnetosphere
Space Weather and its Effects
2 Shri R. N. Mishra
Radio Antenna
Space Instrumentation
Electronic Devices and  Detectors
3 Prof. Harish Chandra
Ionospheric Plasma Dynamics
 Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in Ionosphere
Radio sounding
4 Prof. S. Lal Concepts of Earth’s Atmosphere
Effects of Solar Radiation on Atmosphere
5 Prof. U. C. Joshi Introduction to Astronomy
Introduction to Astrophysics
6 Prof. A. Ambastha
Elements of Solar Physics
7 Dr. Y. B. Acharya Optical Techniques
Space Missions
8 Prof. S. A. Haider Ionospheres of Planets and their Satellites
9 Dr. S. K. Sharma Dynamics of Earth’s Atmosphere
Data Analysis Techniques
10 Dr. L. K. Sahu Dynamics of Earth’s Atmosphere
11 Dr. Arvind Singh Data Analysis Techniques
12 Dr. S. Ganesh Astronomical Instruments and Observing Techniques
13 Dr. B. Sivaraman Solar System Objects and their Exploration

Guest Faculty

Sr no. Faculty Name E-Mail Topics
1 Prof. R. K. Manchanda High Energy Astrophysical Processes and Phenomenology
2 Prof. M. Sankararaman Basics of Radio Astronomy
Radio Sources
3 Prof. K. N. Iyer Structure and Variability of Earth’s Ionosphere
Ionospheric Plasma Dynamics
4 Prof. A. Jayaraman Aerosols, Greenhouse Gases and their effects on Radiation Budget and Climate Change
5 Dr. S. P. Seth Atmospheres of other Planets and Satellites