Fifteenth PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2010 - 2011

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Ms.Xue Qing Yang China Geospatial Modeling of Potential Habitat of Adhatoda Zeylanica Doon Valley Abstract      Full Text
2. Mr. A.S Madhu Sudana Charyulu India Atmospheric Correction to IRS-P6 AWiFs data and its Validation with Ground Measurements Abstract      Full Text
3. Mr.Younes Dehghansoraki Iran Use of Satellite SAR Polarimetry in Crop Inventory -A Case Study Abstract      Full Text
4. Ms.Elena Nikolaevna Melnikova Kyrgyztan Snow Melt Runoff Modelling using Advanced Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques Abstract      Full Text
5. Mr. Demchig Oyuntungalag Mongolia Hyperspectral Data Processing for Geological Mapping in the Udaipur Area, Rajasthan Abstract      Full Text
6. Mr.Erdenetsogt Khurlee Mongolia Band Abosorption Depth Analysis for Mineral Abundance Mapping using Hyperspectral Data. Abstract      Full Text
7. Ms Delgermurum sendenpurev Mongolia   Lithological Discrimination using Spectral Analysis Technigue: A comparision of Aster Image and Library Spectra Abstract      Full Text
8. Mr. Aung Khaing Moe   Myanmar   Groundwater Prospects, Quality and Resource Evaluation for Irrigation in Western Doon Valley (India) using Remote Sensing and GIS. Abstract      Full Text
9. Dr. Myo Myint Myanmar Object-Oriented Image Classification for Urban Features Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Data Abstract      Full Text
10. Mr. Saw Thandar Myanmar Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Changes of Urban Land Use Remote Sensing & GIS Case Study of Bhubneswar City , Odisha. Abstract      Full Text
11. Mr. Binod Prasad Heyojoo Nepal Estimation of Above Ground Phytomass and Carbon in Tree Resources Outside the Forest(TROF): A Geo-spatial Approach Abstract      Full Text
12. Mr.Gayantha Roshana Loku Kodikara Sri Lanka A Comparison of Mineral Mapping in Lunar Craters and Analog Terrestrial Crater using Imaging Spectrometry. Abstract      Full Text
13. Mr. Dodikhudoev Isfandiyor Bakhtibekovich Tajikistan A Customized GIS Application to Create and Analysis of Drought Charecteristics in Andra Pradesh State using Different Indices-based on RS and GIS Data. Abstract      Full Text
14. Mr. Nguyen Ba Duy Vietnam Retrieval of PolSAR and InSARr based information for Land Use Land/Cover Classification. Abstract      Full Text
15. Ms. Tran Thi Huong Giang Vietnam Decision Tree Based Classification ofForest Species using Non-Parametric Approach Abstract      Full Text