First PG Course in Space Sciences 1998

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Ms. Titiek Setiawati Indonesia Geomagnetic Storms and their effects on the F Region of the Ionosphere
2. Mr. Turdimurat M. Tursumuratov Uzbekistan Theoretical Aspects of Astrophysical problems. The First Cycle of Solar Proton - Proton Reaction with outgoing Neutrino Flux
3. Mr. Eduardo R. Palenque Bolivia Ozone Layer over the Bolivian Altiplano: A Model
4. Ms. Bujidmaa Borkhuu Mongolia Influence of Troposphere Parameters on Total Ozone Content
5. Mr. Sarantuya Ganjuur Mongolia Study of the Radiative Properties of the Atmosphere
6. Mr. Hong Bong Ki DPR Korea Study of the Radiative Properties of the Atmosphere
7. Mr. Sin Sun Chol DPR Korea Studies of Ionisation Irregularities in the middle Latitude
8. Mr. P K. Rajesh India Optical Imaging of Plasma Depletions
9. Mr. C Rambabu Rao India Laser sounding of the atmosphere
10. Mr. T. Chandana Peiris India Photometric & Spectroscopic observation of VW Cephel eclipsing binary star