Fourteenth PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2009 - 2010

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Mr Aum Sitha Cambodia Cropping Pattern Inventory And Planning using RS & GS A Case Study Of Dehradun District. Abstract      Full Text
2. Ms. Rong Lang China Use of Multi Intra-annual temporal Data for forest types Classification . Abstract      Full Text
3. Mr.Venkat Kumar Vagolu India Study of Circulation Pattern and its role on heat transport in the surface layer of Tropical Indian Ocean. Abstract      Full Text
4. Ms. Viktoriia Mazitova Kyrgystan Water and Energy balance studies in Solani Watershed. Abstract      Full Text
5. Ms.Viktoriia V. Pravednaya Kyrgystan Snow melt modeling of Bhagirathi river basin. Abstract      Full Text
6. Ms. Bayarmaa Enkhtur Mongolia Topographic database extraction at 1:25000 using Cartoset-1 Stereo Data. Abstract      Full Text
7 Mr. Purevdagva Khalzan Myanmar Study of Gangotri Glacier Dynamics using remote sensing and Gis. Abstract      Full Text
8. Dr. Aye Aye Nwe Myanmar Automatic Tree Line extraction in Agro Forestry area . Abstract      Full Text
9. Dr. Phyu Hnin Khaing Iran Building reconstruction using Satellite and Ground Based Techniques. Abstract      Full Text
10. Mr. Chandan Bhushan Malik Nepal Assessment of Surface and Sub-Surface Waterlogging in Irrigated Command area of Tawa project. Abstract      Full Text
11. Mr. A. R. Mohamed Rila Srilanka Geospital weather information system An open source web GIS Approach. Abstract      Full Text
12. Ms. Rungrat Kwanoum Thailand Mobile mapping in updating urban infrastructure information for part of Chandigarh city. Abstract      Full Text
13. Mr. Thitikon Chanyatham Thailand Camparison and Analysis of remote sensing-based and Ground-based Precipitation data over India. Abstract      Full Text
14. Ms. Madina Akhmedshina Republic of Uzbekistan Comparison of EO-1 and Hyperion sensors Data for Mapping Land Surface features. Abstract      Full Text
15. Mr. Nguyen Quang Minh Vietnam Multi criteria decision modeling using Analytical Hierarchical process for Ecotourism Regions Abstract      Full Text
16. Mr. Nguyen Kim Cuong Vietnam Study of Wave Spectra observed by synthectic Aperture Radar regarding Bathymetry and Internal Wave. Abstract      Full Text
17. Mr. Tran Van Hung
Vietnam Soil Erosion hazard assessment and Land use planning using Remote sensing and GIS- A case study of song watershed  (Dehradun Uttarakhand). Abstract      Full Text