Fourth PG Course in Satellite Communications 2003 - 2004

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Md. Abdul Mannan Bangladesh Study & Design of Meteorological Data Reception System for Bangladesh
2. Md. Shameem Hassan Bhuiyan Bangladesh Study & Design for Satellite based disaster warning dissemination & Meterological Data Collection System for Bangladesh
3. Damodar Mahipati Magdum India Applications of propagation model to design Geostationary Satellite links operating in KA Band over Indian Rain Zones
4. Lieutenant KN Bhatt India Study & Design of Satellite Based Communication System for Ship Borne application using INSAT
5. Commander Yudhvir Sawhney India Design of Satellite based Communication backbone for Indian Army and its integration into existing infrastructure
6. Suhata Indonesia Data receiving station for LAPAN TUBSAT Micro Satellite
7. Zulfakar Rasjidin Indonesia Digital Repeater for Microsat LAPAN TUBSAT at Low Earth Orbit
8. Hassan Rezazadeh Iran Study & Design of Portable Communication Systems for Disaster relief in Iran
9. Ariunsan Denee Mongolia Code division multiple access based on mobile satellite services for Mongolia
10. Chuluunbataar Jamgan Mongolia Design of High Speed backbone network for Ulaanbaatar city
11. Oyun-erdene Tseyen-oidov Mongolia Satellite based internet access for remote area of Mongolia
12. Ashok Banskota Nepal Study of Satellite based Radio Broadcasting System for Nepal
13. Kishor Kumar Bhatt Nepal Study of Satellite based Telemedicine System for Nepal
14. Krishna Chandra Paudel Nepal Study & Design of Multi-Channel Radio broadcast using Satellite Communication for Radio Nepal
15. Yunir V.Gataullin Uzbekistan Preliminary Design of Antenna for NOAA AVHRR Data Reception Station & Implimentation plan for NOAA Earth Station in Uzbekistan