Fourth PG Course in Space Sciences 2004 - 2005

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Ms. Malini Aggarwal India Studies of plasma depletions and scintillations using GPS and VHF Scintillation data
2. Ms. Alyana Radharani India Rocket- borne study of atomic Oxygen related night glow emissions
3. Ms. Madhavi Latha Vamanapalli India Study of Ionospheric plasma depletions using PRL's all sky optical imaging system
4. Mr. Ahmed Muslim Maldives Sun-photometer study on seasonal and diurnal variations in aerosol optical depth spectrum over Male
5. Ms. Munkhjargal Erdenebadrakh Mongolia Long term changes in meteorological parameters over Mongolia
6. Ms. Amgalan Ganbat Mongolia Analysis of changes in visibility and rainfall during 1993-2003 over selected locations in Mongolia and examinations of possible human impact.
7. Mr. Ranawaka Archchige Sujith Saraj Gunasekera Sri Lanka Study of the binary system V367 Cygni
8. Mr. Abdulaziz Adilhakovich Shermukhamedov Uzbekistan Nonlinearity in tropospheric chemistry models.
9. Ms. Muborak Vahidovna Gafurova Uzbekistan Characterization and observations of Astronomical grade array detectors