Ninth PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2004 - 2005

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Mohammad Mizanur Rahman Bangladesh Assessment of Growing Stock and Evaluation of Socioeconomic Implication Using Remote Sensing and GIS in Thano Range (Part) of Dehradun Forest Division
2. Atiqur Rahman India Urban Sprawl and its Environmental impact Assessment of Hyderabad-Secundrabad area using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
3. S.S.K Chaitanya India Hydrogeological characterization in Asan catchment, Uttaranchal, India
4. Beny Harjadi Indonesia Terrain Characterization and Soil Erosion Risk Assessment for Watershed Prioritization Using Remote Sensing and GIS
5. Rakhmatulla M Lgamberdiev Kyrgyzstan Wetland Change Dynamics: A Case Study in Unnao District of Uttar Pradesh
6. Narantuya Purevjav Mongolia Characterization of Geomorphic Indices along Himalayan Frontal Fault, Paonta Sahib and surrounding H.P.
7. Tuul Batbaldan Mongolia Characterization of Desertification Status by Integrated Use of Satellite Remote Sensing and GIS: A Case Study of Eastern Part of Rajasthan State
8. Daw Zin Mar Lwin Myanmar Comparative Evaluation of Digital Change Detection Techinques for Urban Areas
9. U Thein Swe Myanmar Crop Yield Estimation of Wheat By Integrating RS, Land and Management Factors
10. Basanta Raj Gautam Nepal Forest Land Use Planning A Precursor to Dicision Support System
11. Dr. Dinesh Pathak Nepal Landside Hazard Zonation and Delineating Debris Flow Susceptible Zones in the Himalayas: RS and GIS Approach
12. G.M.W.L. Gunawardena Sri Lanka Land Use / Land Cover Change Detection due to Soil and Water Conservation measures in Karso Watershed using Remote Sensing and GIS
13. R.M. Upali Senarath Sri Lanka Study of Environment Impact of Non Point Pollution Sources on the Water Bodies of Saharnpur City
14. Kithsiri Dissanayake Sri Lanka Delineating Groundwater potential zones in Giri Valley catchment, Himachal Pradesh, india - Remote Sensing and GIS approach
15. Accarapol Sumangala Thailand Flood Inundation Mapping and 1-D Hydrodynamic Modelling using Remote Sensing and GIS Technique
16. Jiraphan Khokphran Thailand Spatial Analysis of Faculty Distribution in Saharanpur Municipal Area
17. Ibragimova Yekaterina Igorevna Uzbekistan Study of Water Quality Parameteres of Coastal Shelf Waters using IRS Satellite Sensor Data and GIS Techniques
18. Shavkat Madmudjanovich Kenjabaev Uzbekistan Identification cropping system dynamics in the irrigation command area through RS & GIS Techniques
19. Hoang Thi Hang Vietnam Application of Remote Sensing and Geographical Inforamtion System (GIS) for Coastal Zone Management off Goa Coastal Region, India
20. Truong Xuan Quang Vietnam Land Subsidence Study of Kolkata City, India from in SAR - Based And Ground - Based