Ninth PG Course in Satellite Communications 2013 - 2014

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Mr. Mohammad Sazzad Hossain Bangladesh Study and Design of Regional Flood Forecasting System in catchments area of Bangladesh…(including India, Nepal and Bhutan), mainly Ganga- Brahmaputra and Meghna (GBM) river basin, using satellite communication
2. Mr. K. Ramchandra Rao India Study and simulation of Interference Analysis in GNSS and study of its mitigation techniques
3. Mr. P. Manohar Kumar India Tele-medicine for on-board ships
4. Mr. Shambhu Dayal India Digital Beamformer for Aero mobile Terminal for Defence Applications
5. Mr. S. Gautam India Study on UHF SATCOM System for aero mobile platform with emphasis on MODEM including simulation
6. Mr. S. Raja Prabhu India Counter Stealth Radar Based on Retro-Directive Array Antenna
7. Mr. Altankhuu Zorigitbaatar Mongolia Study of New trends of 4k, 8k in Satellite broadcast TV and Implementation for Mongolia
8. Mr. Bayarkhuu Norinpil Mongolia Study and Design Communication Satellite System for Mongolian Region
9. Ms. Dorjderem Jambal Mongolia Study of Earth Stations Network Management System
10. Mr. Purevtseren Bayarsaihan Mongolia Design and Simulation of Embedded High-Speed Satellite Broadband, Mobile Terminal in Ku, Ka Bands
11. Mr. Dinesh Chandra Yadav Nepal Study and Design of Integrated Telecommunication Services Using Satellite Link for Rural Communication in Nepal
12. Mr. Govind Singh Dhami Nepal Design and Simulation of Generic packet Encapsulator for DVB-RCS system
13. Mr. Indal Yadav Nepal Study And Design Of Satellite based Sensor Network For Precision Agriculture in Nepal
14. Mr. Subhash Kumar Sah Biyogi Nepal Enhancement of Radio Broadcasting Services using DTH System for Nepal
15. Mr. Djavdat Khabibullin Uzbekistan Measurements of Sun flux using 2.4 Ka Band SATCOM antenna
16. Mr. Tran Hai Ninh Viet Nam Study of Geolocation Algorithms to Detect Interference Sources in SATCOM system