Ninth PG Course in SATMET 2014 - 2015

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Muhammad Arif Hossain Bangladesh Storm surge prediction over coastal region of Bangladesh using ADCIRC model
2. Mr. Md Omar Faruq Bangladesh Fog Prediction using WRF model over Bangladesh Region
3. Lt. Cdr. Chandra Naveen Krishna India Now casting of Mesoscale Convective System Using Satellite Data
4. Mr. Sanjeev Dwivedi India A Study on the characteristics of Arabian sea Lower Tropospheric Thermal Inversion using Radiosonde and Satellite Data
5. Mr. Sarungbam Denny Singh India Tropical Cyclone Intensity Prediction Over North Indian Ocean Using HWRF Model
6. Mr. Abayev Nurlan Kazakhstan Simulation study of Climate over Kazakhstan using Atmosphere Global Circulation Model (AGCM)
7. Mr. Akhmet Sulemenov Kazakhstan Detection of Fog over Kazakhztan using Satellite data
8. Ms. Guldana Uatkhan kyzy Kazakhstan Morphological analysis of Global Tropopause using radio occultation data
9. Ms. Saliyeva Kamar Kazakhstan Soil Moisture estimating using satellite data over Kazakhstan
10. Mr. Rasul-Akhun Baikhadzhaev Kyrgyzstan Snow Cover Mapping and Monitoring in the Kyrgyzstan
11. Mr. Syed Mohd Faiz Bin Syd Mahusin Malaysia Validation of Saphir Larh with Radiosonde Observation Over Malaysia
12. Ms. Battsetseg Buyantogtokh Mongolia Analysis of Mesoscale Convective System using Satellite Data
13. Ms. Garamkhishig Mongolia Rainfall Estimating using Ssmis Scattering Index Over Mongolia
14. Ms. Oyunchimeg Otgon Mongolia Validation and application of deriver parameters from INSAT 3D sounder data and MODIS Data
15. Mr. Akhmedov Faridun Negmatulloevich Tajikistan Assessment of INSAT-3D Sounder profile using collocated products from AIRS, IASI, NCEP- Analysis and radiosonde for weather application for weather applications over Tajikistan
16. Mr. Faridun Sobirov Tajikistan Variability of Green House Gases (CO2, CH4) over Republic of Tajikistan
17. Ms. Doan Thi Thu Ha Vietnam Structural Analysis of Tropical Cyclone Using High Resolution Scatterometer Data