Ninth PG Course in Space Science 2014 - 2015

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Mr. Krishna Kumar Subedi Bhutan Study of Total column Ozone, Water vapour and AOT over Ahmedabad, Mt. Abu & in Saurashtra region in Gujrat, India
2. Ms. Bharti Arora India Timing and Spectral studies of High Mass X- Ray Binary pulsar (GRO J 1008-57)
3. Mr. Chintan Jethva India Atmospheric Investigation using Lidar and Satellite observations
4. Ms. Dilpreet Kaur India Photometry and Polarimetry of AGNA (Active Galactic Nuclei)
5. Ms. Mimansa Shastri India Aerosol characteristics over urban region: variations and comparison
6. Ms. Taranpreet Kaur India The Morphology of Propargly Containing Molecule in Astrochemical Conditions
7. Ms. Chigestei Ulambayar Mongolia Study of Clouds and their Characteristics using Ceilometer Lidar over Ahmedabad
8. Mr. Jaalnyam Munkhtur Mongolia Spatial variations aromatic VOCs benzene and toluene at different locations of Ahmedabad, India
9. Ms. Odgarig Luvsannorov Mongolia Black carbon aerosol mass concentrations over Ahmedabad, an urban location in Western India: Comparison with earlier data and urban aerosol model
10. Mr. Haggallage Chanaka Sandaruwan Haggalla Sri Lanka The Spectral Analysis of Late type Stars and find the relationship between Molecular Spectral Bands
11. Mr. Qudratillo Yuldoshev Xabibullayevich Uzbekistan Open Cluster in The Milky Way Galaxy
12. Mr. Zavqiddin Mirtoshev Davronovich Uzbekistan Variability of The X-Ray Sun during Solar Cycle 23-24