Pilot Project Input for 3rd GNSS PG Course

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Mr. Md. Masum Al Azad Bangladesh Effect of temporal ionospheric variations in assessing the planimetric positional accuracy using GNSS data.
2. Mr. Mohammad Mostafizur Rahman Bangladesh Change detection using GNSS, GIS and Remote Sensing: A case study in and around Bopal, Ahmedabad.
3. Mr. Chinmayananda Ojha India Study, analysis and performance evaluation of existing NavIC and future Indian navigation system.
4. Mr. Kamaldeep Singh India Design & Study of UHF/VHF band ground terminal antennas using origamy.
5. Mr. Kulveer Singh Khatri India Interference detection and mitigation in GNSS receiver.
6. Mr. N Samuel Praveen India NavIC based emergency calling kit for Indian Air force ground vehicles.
7. Mr. Neeraj Gupta India NavIC based personnel tracking system for Indian Air Force.
8. Mr. Rakesh Kumar India Algorithm development for controlled approach and landing of an aircraft.
9. Mr. Shrey Bhalla India Simulation of multipath effects on GPS signal and test setup development using re-radiation.
10. Ms. Rise Hapshary Surayuda Indonesia Design parameter for SBAS in Indonesia using simulation.
11. Ms. Asset Yegizbayeva Kazakhstan Study of soil moisture & vegetation phenology for central Asian region
12. Ms. Zar Li Win Myanmar An analysis of integrated water vapour estimation from GNSS receivers
13. Mr. Gilbert Francis B. Gonzales III Philippines Analysis of ISM band Interference on GNSS S-band signal.
14. Mr. Sofdildzhon Bakhriddinov Ibrohimovich Tajikistan Precise estimation of river height using GNSS