Bachelor's Degree in Electronics / Telecommunications/Electrical Engineering or Master's degree in Science (Physics, Electronics) or equivalent with at least 5 years of experience in teaching/research or professional experience in the field of Communication Engineering and/or related field. The candidates should be nominated and/or sponsored by the organization for the disciplines they are working in. For the candidates with higher qualificaons, the criteria of minimum experience may be relaxed.


The course is directed towards the following categories of professionals.

  • University educators and researchers · Professionals and specialists · Telecom system managers, engineers and planners · Government officials It is expected that at the end of the program, parcipang scholars will be able to

  • Serve as catalysts for furthering the skills and knowledge of other professionals in their countries.

  • They will contribute to policy making, planning, development and management of satellite communicaons and its applicaons in their countries.

  • Enhance the self-reliance of their countries so as to lessen dependence on external experts.