Seventeenth PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2012 - 2013

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Mr. Md. Ashraful Islam Bangladesh Landslide Assessment, Susceptibility Mapping and Debris Flow Modeling at Ukhimath Region, Rudraprayag District, Uttarakhand, India. Abstract
2. Mr. Saiful Azim Bangladesh Relation between Land Surface Temperature and Land Use/Land Cover: A Case Study of New Delhi and its Surrounding. Abstract
3. Mr. Rajee George India Evaluation of EO-1 Hyperion Data for Forest Tree Species Discrimination and Classification. Abstract
4. Ms.Veeramallu Satya Sahithi India Hyperspectral Image Resolution Enhancement Using High Resolution Data. Abstract
5. Mr. Asset Akhmadiya Kazakhstan Fusion of Multispectral and Fully Polarimetric Data for Land Cover Feature Extraction. Abstract
6. Mr. Sergei Kononenko Kyrghyzstan Analysis and Interpretation of Spectral Properties of Aerosol Optical Depth from Ground Measurements and Satellite Data. Abstract
7. Ms. Barkhas Badam Mongolia Water Requirement Estimation of Plantation Crops Using Temporal Satellite Data - A Case Study in North-Western Himalaya. Abstract
8. Mr. Gankhuu Ryenchinnyam Mongolia Geospatial Approach of Agro-Ecological Characterization in Part of Western Himalaya Region. Abstract
9. Ms. Bayasgalan Sodnom Mongolia Snow Melt Runoff Modeling: A Case Study of Pinder Valley. Abstract
10. Mr. Moe Aye Zin Thein Union of Myanmar Cropping Pattern Inventory Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Abstract
11. Mr. Bechu Kumar Vinwar Yadav Nepal Mapping Aboveground Woody Biomass using Field Inventory, Remote Sensing and Geo-Statistical Models: A Case Study from Timli Forest Range, Uttarakhand, India. Abstract
12. Mr. Sudheera Samarasinghe Gunasekara Sri Lanka Mapping the Coverage of Seagrass Meadows of Gulf of Mannar and Palk Bay (India) Using Landsat & IRS Satellite Data. Abstract
13. Mr. Nabiev Dalerdzhon Tajikistan Soil Quality Index Based Approach in Assessing Soil Degradation for Land Use Planning in a Watershed of Himalayan Landscape. Abstract
14. Mr. Nasimjon Rajabov Tajikistan Hydrological Aspects of Environmental Impact Assessment for Hydro-Power Project Using RS & GIS. Abstract
15. Ms. Sawitree Laphawan Thailand Analysis of Urban Green Space in Dehradun and Surrounding Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Abstract
16. Mr. Jasurbek Juraevich Narziev Republic of Uzbekistan Infrastructure Mapping and Performance Assessment of Irrigation Project Using Remote Sensing and GIS. Abstract
17. Mr. Juliev Muhiddin Komilovich Uzbekistan Mineral Mapping Using Space-Borne Techniques and Field Investigation. Abstract
18. Mr. Sayidov Azimjon Karimovich Uzbekistan Comparative Study of Knowledge Based Algorithms for Automated Road Network Generalization. Abstract
19. Mr. Trinh Minh Tam Viet Nam Forest Fire Likelihood Modelling Using Multi Criteria Decision Analysis and Web Based Data Dissemination into OGC WMS Services. Abstract
20. Mr. Nguyen Van Tho Viet Nam Web Based Geo-Information Services for Land Use Planning in Phu Tan District, Giang Province, Viet Nam. Abstract
21. Mr. Thang Duy Ta Viet Nam Design of the Digital Geo-Database for Land Management of Liem Phong Ward Thanh Liem District: Ha Nam Province. Abstract