Seventh PG Course in SATMET 2010 - 2011

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Mr. Kh. Hafizur Rahman Bangladesh Cyclogenesis Prediction over the Bay of Bengal using Scatterometer data
2. Mr. Choe Kil Chol DPR of Korea Validation of MODIS Sea Surface Temperature (SST) with Buoy Data around Korea.
3. Mr.Pak Hyon Min DPR of Korea An attempt toward aerosol optical depth retrieval in Indian region from VHRR
4. Mr Wg Cdr K.P Harish Kumar India Impact of Oceansat II Scatterometer Winds and TMI Observations on Phet Cyclone Simulation
5. Ms. Botayeva Makpal Kazakhstan Assessment of Sea ice variability in Caspian Sea and its linkage with climate.
6. Ms.Nurakhmetova Ainash Kazakhstan Characterization of Aerosol over Indian and Kazakhstan Regions using Satellite Data.
7. Mr.Denis Ryskal Kyrgyzstan Processing of AIRS sounding products over Kyrgyzstan and its validation with radiosonde and NCEP analysis data.
8. Ms.Marina Karaseva Kyrgyzstan Rainfall distribution using IR and MW satellite measurements and its validation using ground truth over Kyrgyzstan.
9. Ms. Noor Azra Binti Ahim Malaysia le Convective System over Malaysia using Satellite Data
10. Mr. Doljinsuren Myagmar Mongolia Impact of 3-D Variational Assimilation of Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) Temperature & Moisture Profiles on the WRF Short-Range Weather forecasts Over Mongolia
11. Mr. Sami Kunwar Nepal Study of altitudinal variations of snow line in Koshi basin of Nepal using multi-temporal MODIS & AWiFS data
12. Ms. Asurappulige Dulari Gangani Fernando Sri Lanka Sea level And sea surface temperature trends in the Indian Ocean using numerical model and satellite data
13. Mr. Thammahetti Mudalige Nandalal Peiris Sri Lanka Analysis of MODIS derived Temperature and Humidity profiles over Indian Ocean Region.
14. Ms. Marodbekova Alima Tajikistan Cloud Radiative Forcing studies over Central Asia using Satellite Data and Climate Models.