Sixth PG Course in SATMET 2008 - 2009

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Mr. Sultanav Rovshan Azerbaijan Studying in long term Changes  in net primary production using remote sensing data
2. Mr.Md Alikur Rahman Bangladesh Cyclone forecast with MM5 Model
3. Lt. Cdr Vinay Tiwari India Indian Ocean warm  Pool studies using Model and Data
4. Wg. CdrL. Edward
India Analysis of mesoscale convective systems using satellite Data and its potential for now casting
5. Mr. Mugni Hadi Hariada Indonesia Estiamting Potential evapotranspiration using Kalpana-1 VHRR and Ancillary data over Sumatra
6. Ms. LLyakavo Ryzvangul Kazakhstan Monitoring of drought using satellite Data
7. Ms. Satbaldiyeva
Zhanat  Zhumadilovna
Kazakhstan Seasonal Analysis and Validation of Carbon Monoxide using MOPITT data over Kazakhstan
8. Mr. Magrun Fadzil Bin Mohd Fahmi Malaysia Predicting wind speed in the Malaysian coastal waters using genetic Algorithm
9. Mr. Buyantogtokh
Mongolia A feasibility of (3-5 hrs) Rainfall forecast through combination of model output and remote sensing data
10. Mr. Binod Dawadi Nepal Tree ring based Hydro climatic reconstruction over Kashmir (Northwestern Himalaya , India ) using fir (Abies Pindrow) tree
11. Mr. Rajendra Man
Nepal Trend Analysis of Climate studies using Radiation Budget data over Asian monsoon Region
12. Mr. Benjamin N Malai PNG The Analysis of Altimetery Data and Model for the Study of swell propogation
13. Mr. Murukkuwadura
Meril Prasantha Mendis
Sri Lanka Analysis of numerical model output and application of remote sensing data  for studying the weather systems over tropics
14. Ms. Ramziya
Tajikistan Estimates of rainfall by combining IR and microwave observations of Tajikistan
15. Mr. Sukrit Kirtsaeng Thailand Mesocale Simluation of the very heavy rainfall events using WRF model
16. Mr. Do Thanh Tung Vietnam Validation of  AMSR-E Soil moisture product over India