Small Satellite Mission

Space technologies, especially satellites are important instruments for development and progress of humankind. Satellites are used for Earth observation, Communication, Navigation Atmospheric studies, Astronomical observations and Military applications. Satellites provide uninterrupted services with less cost when compared with conventional methods for similar applications. It is evident from the increasing number of satellite launches in recent years. With an increase in the awareness of benefits of earth observation technology for societal applications many countries are integrating space capabilities into their national development programmes.

On one side satellite have become larger and heavier to meet increasing requirements with improved qualities, and payloads are expensive. On the other hand small satellite also have significant role in emergent societal appliances. The increase in cost, complex technology, new areas of applications and continuous service requirements restrict the satellite fabrication and launch to only a few countries or agencies in the world. On the other side the revolution in electronics miniaturization, invention of smart materials, have reduced the satellite size and mass. Further, the improvements in computation capability of processors, high capacity storage devices, imaging technology, control intelligence and onboard automation and associated performance capability have opened the opportunities to design and fabricate Smaller, faster and cheaper: sophisticated 'small' satellites. The reduction in mass and volume reduces the launch cost also. The small satellite concept which provides less turnaround time, affordability and the potential to serve high end applications have attracted Industries and launch. The small satellites are launched as 'piggy-backs' of large satellites, resulting in inexpensive launch cost with more launch opportunities. More than 500 small satellites.

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