Tenth PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2005 - 2006

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Ms. Haiying Yu China Forest Cover Dynamics and Eco-Environmental Vulnerability Analysis in Birahi Sub-Watershed Using Geospatial - Approach
2. Dr. S.Purnachandra Rao India Mangrove Vegetation Characterization in Krishna Delta, AP using Geospatial Technology
3. Vikiye Sema India Geomorphological and Hydrogeological investigations Around Dimapur, Nagaland
4. Andie Setiyoko, ST Indonesia Evaluation of Interpolation Techniques for DEM Generation Using Cartosat-I Stereo Data
5. Lulus Hidayatno Indonesia Spatial Decision Modeling For Analysing And Predicting Landcover Changes In Part Of Shimla District
6. Mohammad Sharifikia Iran DEM Generation and Morphological Feature extraction Using InSAR (A site test of Chamoli area)
7. Khamid Gulbibi Kazakhstan Study of Water Quality Parameters Using Remote Sensing And GIS
8. Teshebaev Azizbek Kyrgyztan Development of Geospatial Weather Information System using Internet GIS tools
9. Denee Ariunbaatar Mongolia Morphtectonic terrain analysis of Western Doon Valley in part of Giri River Basin : A RS & GIS approach
10. Munguntuya Mandshir Mongolia Absorption Band Depth Analysis of Hyperion Datasets
11. U Kyaw Lwin Myanmar Cropped System Change Analysis and Crop Diversification Planning using RS & GIS in parts of Sutlej and Ghaggar Basins
12. Mr. Ghan Bahadur Shrestha Nepal Geotechnical Characterisation and Deterministic Modelling of Landslides along Joshmath to Badrinath Area
13. Saroj Koirala Nepal Monitoring of Forest Plantations in Terai Using Geospatial Tools
14. Mr. S.L.J, Fernando Sri Lanka Hydrodynamic Simulation of 2003 floods in Kushabadra Stream of Puri District, Orissa, Using Remote Sensing & GIS
15. W.G.N.P. Yalingasinghe Sri Lanka Mesoscala Hydrological Modelling of Kulsi River Basin : A RS & GIS approach
16. Mr. Pakorn Thepjorn Thailand Site Suitability Analysis For Industrial Area in Haridwar & its Surroundings using Remote Sensing & GIS
17. Wimon Pathtong Thailand Application of Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System (GIS) for Coastal Zone Management off Cochin Coastal Region, India
18. Anapashsha Rajabova Uzbekistan Assessing Spatial Variability in Soil Moisture using Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index from MODIS Satellite Data
19. Pham Duc Cuong Vietnam Afforestation / Reforestation Site Assessment in Aglar Watershed using Geo-Informatics