Tenth PG Course in SATMET (2016 - 2017)

Sr. No. Name Country Project Title
1. Ms. Mirza Nilufar Jahan Bangladesh Analysis of mesoscale system using satellite data
2. Ms. Nijhum Rokeya Ahmed Bangladesh Estimation of Tropical Cyclone Structure using Satellite observations
3. Sqn Ldr Murali Krishna Chandragiri India Impact of assimilation of upper air observations on extreme weather events forecast over Indian region
4. Cdr TS Ramanathan India A study on Variability of Satellite derived Ocean Surface currents over North Indian Ocean
5. Mr. Aleksei Saiapin Kyrgyzstan "Determination of ABL height and global characterization using GPSRadio occultation data"
6. Ms. Kunduz Abirova Kyrgyzstan Estimation and Validation of total Precipitable water Vapour from MHS over Central Asia
7. Ms. Zhamilia Asanbekova Kyrgyzstan Estimation of ice surface velocity using LANDSAT-8 data over INYLCHEK Glacier
8. Mr. Noor Azam Bin Shaari Malaysia Assessment of Rainfall from INSAT-3D – IMSRA Technique for The Flood Event in Malaysia
9. Ms. Davaabal Batsukh Mongolia Validation and Application of IASI and INSAT-3D Temperature and Humidity profiles using collocated products from Radiosonde data
10. Ms. Delgermaa Urtnasan Mongolia Assimilation of Satellite retrieved winds in WRF model.
11. Mr. Tsolmon Khishigsuren Mongolia Evaluation of atmospheric profiles of ECMWF analysis, GFS analysis and forecast using radiosonde observations over Mongolian region.
12. Mr. Dhruba Lochan Adhikari Nepal Simulation of Inter-annual Variability of Summer Monsoon Rainfall in a GCM over India and Nepal
13. Mr. Preecha Jintanawat Thailand Satellite image based Nowcasting of Connective Systems