Third PG Course in Satellite Meteorology and Global Climate 2002 - 2003

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Mr. S M Urooj Athar India MODIS Atmospheric Data Validation and Application for Mesoscale Processes Studies
2. Mr. S D Patil India Cloud Radiative Forcing Over The Indian Region During 1987 EL NINO event
3. Ms. To Le Thu Vietnam Movement of Tropical Cyclone Using GMS Water Vapour And NCEP Data
4. Mr. G Rambabu India Assimilation of Quikscat Data Into A Mesoscale Modeling System
5. Mr. Luvsan Bayarbaatar Mongolia Intra and Inter Season Variation In Vegetation Index Over Mongolia
6. Mr. Chol Yong Kim DPR Korea Use Of Vegetation Index And Thermal Channels For Assessing Soil Moisture Availability
7. Mr. Boonthum Tanglumlead Thailand Study Of Variations In Thermal Structure Of Indian Ocean Using A Limited Area Ocean Model
8. Ms. Shromani Jayawardena Sri Lanka Analysis Of SSM/I Derived Meteorological Parameters For Southwest Monsoon Studies Over Sri Lanka
9. Mr. Suresh Maharjan Nepal Climatic Variability Of mountain Valley Glacier: A Case Study Of Parbati Glacier, Himachal Pradesh
10. Mr. Viet Van Luong Vietnam Wave Modeling Over The South China Sea
11. Ms. Farah Deeba Bangladesh Rainfall Features Of Bay Of Gengal Cyclones Observed By Satellite Data And Their Comparision With Surface Observations
12. Mr. Santhira Segaran Singaravelu Malaysia Validation of NOAA AVHRR Pathfinder SST Over Malaysian Waters
13. Ms. Manzura Nassyrova Kazakhstan Interannual Variability Of Boundary Layer Heat Fluxes And Related Parameters Over Caspian Sea Using SSM/I And AVHRR
14. Mr. Mohsen Arghizadeh Iran Study Of IRS-P4 MSMR (Multi-Channel Scanning Microwave Radiometer) Brightness Temperature Data Over Iran And Its Potential For Drought Monitoring Through Soil Moisture Estimation
15. Ms. Edna T. Seachon Philippines Studying The Variability Of The 1990'S El Nino Using The Derived Satellite Parameters
16. Mr. Song Min Chae D.P.R.of Korea Temporal And Spatial Variation Of Aerosol Optical Depth Over Indian Ocean Using Satellite Data
17. Mr. Koung Won Park Republic Of Korea Rainfall From TRMM-Radar And Radiometer
18. Ms. Farida Muratova Kazakhstan Exploration Of Linkage Between The Kazakhstan Climate And The Polar Sea Ice
19. Mr. Shaikh Shahjahan Alam Bangladesh Re- Estimation Of Surface Winds In The Neighbourhood Of Cyclones In The Bay Of Bengal Using Topex/Poseidon Altimeter Data