Thirteen PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2008 - 2009

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title (Click on Title for Details)
1. Md. Ali Akbar Bangladesh Geo-environmental mapping of Jharia Coalfield using Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) interferometry technique
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2. Dr.Choe Kawng Su DPR Koreo Response of Hydrological Processes to Climate Change in Mahanadi Basin of India using a Macro scale VIC model
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3. Mr.Choe Nam Hun DPR Koreo A customised GIS Application for Land Resources for  Information System (IRIS)
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4. Mr. Manchala John Ratna Kanth Babu India Targeting Aluminous Laterite and Bauxite Ore Deposits using Hyperspectral Data (In part of East Coast Bauxite Deposit, Orissa, India.)
5. Mr.Ali Asghar Torahi Iran Mapping of dominant forest treespecies, using Hyperspectral data.
6. Ms.Kaziyeva Zhanna Galimovna Kazakhstan SAR data processing for Sea Ice mapping and characterization in part of Caspian Sea
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7 Ms. Gulmira Karimova Kyrgyz Republic Land cover change detection using time series SPOT VGT NDVI data
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8. Ms. Yulia Radchenko Kyrgyz Republic Snow melt runoff estimation in Manali sub-basin using Geo-spatial tools.
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9. Ms. Naranchimeg Purevjav Mongolia Location based services for facilities in GIS environment:A case study of Dehradun city.
10. Ms. Tamir Purevdorj Mongolia Up-scaling of carbon and water vapor fluxes from eddy covariance measurements over croplands using remote sensing
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11. Dr.Sao Hone Pha Myanmar Automatic Road Extraction in an Urban Environment using high resolution Multispectral data.
12. Mr.Hasan Safarov Republic Tajikistan Soil Erosion Risk Mapping using Remote Sensing and GIS
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13. Mr. Jonibek Jumaev Republic Tajikistan Characterization and Mapping of Salt-affected Lands using Multi-temporal Satellite Data - A case Study part of Western Uttar Pradesh
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14. Mr. Mukhomedjanov Azamat Shukhratovich Republic of Uzbekistan Characterization of Agro-forestry systems and Carbon pools assessment using RS & GIS
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15. Ms. Luiza Bikeeva Republic of Uzbekistan Tectonic Geomorphology along a Mountain Front- A Case Study in Foothills of Nanital