Twentieth PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2015 - 2016

S.No. Participant Name Country Project Title
1. Ms. Dilruba Akhter Bangladesh Spatial Data Quality parameters checking & Automation using Python
2. Mr. Kowshik Kumar Saha Bangladesh Evaluation of low and High Incidence Angle RISAT – 1 Hybrid Polarimetric Sar Data for Crop Discrimination
3. Mr. Choe Won Chol DPR Korea Estimation of Crop Evapotranspiration using Landsat 8 Images Data
4. Mr. Kim Chol Man DPR Korea Identification Sea Ice in Korean Western Sea by using Fuzzy Classification
5. Ms. Bhavana Medisetti India Climate Oriented Urban Classification using Earth Observation data
6. Ms. Pratyusha Gonnuru India Hybrid and Quad – pol Data Processing for Identification Scattering Patterns
7. Ms. Emiyati Indonesia Retrieval of Chlorophyll-A and Suspended Sediment Concentration using Landsat 8 OLI in Lampung Bay, Indonesia
8. Ms. Yelena Khan Kazakhstan Synergistic use of optical and SAR data for Opencast mine Boundary Detection
9. Ms. Marzhan Shaimerdenova Kazakhstan Estimation of Water balance Components on based River Basin in Current and Future Climate Scenarios
10. Mr. Nuradil Nurdinov Kyrgyzstan GIS Based Network Analysis for Emergency Services: Case study of Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan
11. Mr. Toktoraliev Erkinbek Torobekovich Kyrgyzstan Assessment of Tourism Potential for Sustainable Development :A case study of Rishikesh
12. Ms. Altannavch Magsarjav Mongolia Agriculture Drought Risk Assessment using Remote Sensing and GIS
13. Ms. Sainjargal Bat-Erdene Mongolia Mineral Mapping using EO- 1 Hyperion Data (Dungapur – Banswara region, Rajasthan, India)
14. Ms. Solongo Tsetsgee Mongolia Modelling of Surface Water and Ground Water Interaction using SWAT and MODFLOW
15. Ms. Paing NyoNyo Thinn Myanmar Salt Water Intrusion into Coastal Aquifer: A case from gulf of Cambay, Gujarat, India
16. Mr. Nabin Kumar Yadav Nepal Forest Degradation Assessment Combining Optical and SAR Remote Sensing Data
17. Mr. Shes Kanta Bhandari Nepal Forest Canopy Density Mapping and Modelling with Terrestrial Laser Scanner Data for Up scaling Forest Carbon Estimation
18. Ms. Pedige Dilhani Ruwan Kumari Jayalath Sri Lanka Integration of Satellite Remote Sensing and Geophysical Methods for Landslide Characterization at Kalimath, Garhwal Himalaya, India
19. Ms. Chathuri Nadeesha Subasinghe Sri Lanka Landslide Susceptibility Mapping and Debris Flow Modelling in a part of Tons Valley, Uttarakhand, India
20. Mr. Iftikhor Karimov Tajikistan Hydrological Aspects of Site Suitability Selection for Hydro Power Project using Geospatial Technology
21. Mrs. Piyaluk Piyagosol Thailand Changing spatial form of Rishikesh city
22. Mr. Davron Rakhimov Uzbekistan Mineral Mapping using Simulated Hyperspectral Data From Multispectral Data
23. Mr. Manh Van Nguyen Viet Nam Land Cover Mapping using Integration of SAR and Optical Remote Sensed Datasets