Twenty Fourth PG Course in RS&GIS 2019 - 2020

S.No. Name Country Project Topic
1 Ms. Punchihewa Achini Sri Lanka Decadal Scale aerosol variability over India during post monsoon
2 Mr. Indika Prabhat Sri Lanka Urban Land Use Land Cover classification performance of machine learning (ML) algorithms and change detection: A case study in Dehradun India between 2019 and 1999
3 Mr. Chintaka Sajith Devinda Sri Lanka Mapping Forest Types using temporal Multi sensors data
4 Ms. Lakmani Somawansha Sri Lanka Automatic building extraction with active contour model
5 Mr. Sunil Kumar India Landslide mapping and monitoring using GIS technique and Differential Interferometric SAR (DInSAR) technique, A case study in Chowari Chamba, Himanchal Pradesh, India
6 Mr. Angarag Altangerel Mongolia Change Detection Analysis of mining area using InSAR
7 Mr. Krishna Kumar Subedi Bhutan Classification of air-borne hyperspectral data using different classification approches
8 Mr. Gautam Thapa Bhutan Hydrological Modelling and Flood Hazard Assessment in Amochu River Basin, Bhutan
9 Ms. Shinechimeg Altannavch Mongolia Hydrological Investigation of Watershed using Remote Sensing Inputs- A case study of Buir Watershed
10 Mr. Anushervon Abdulimov Tajikistan Hydrological Modeling using SWAT model on the Panj River Basin
11 Mr. Emilbek Zholdoshbekov Kyrgyzstan Glacier dynamics studies of Ala Archa Valley of Kyrgyz Republic using Geospatial Data
12 Mr. Tun Tun Naing Myanmar Flood inundation mapping using remote sensing data-A Case Study of Hpa-An City, Myanmar
13 Mr. Rabindra Adhikari Nepal Estimation of Crop Evapotranspiration Using Remote Sensing Energy Balance Approach
14 Ms. Pariso Adusaidovna Shokhumorova Tajikistan Soil Erosion Risk Assessment using RS and GIS
15 Ms. Allamraju Aditya India Soil Moisture Estimation in the presence of crop cover using multi-polarized Sentinel 1 temporal SAR data
16 Mr. Jayendra Praveen Kumar Chorapali India A comparative assessment of goestatistical and machine learning technique to derive climatic surface for environmental variables
17 Ms. Su Nandar Myint Myanmar Real-time Flood Mapping for Emergency Response by integrating Google Earth Engine with GIS
18 Mr. Rentsendorj Odgerel Mongolia Urban planning GIS data collection from mobile phone and desktop in Mongolian language using QGIS and Qreal Time
19 Mr. Akram Hossain Bangladesh Spatio-temporal variation of heat stress index in Bangladesh
20 Ms. Lyazat Kaskenova Kazakhstan Investigation of gaseous air pollutants over East-Kazakhstan region using in-situ and satellite observations
21 Ms. Thandar Aung Myanmar Analysis of Long-Term Satellite-based Rainfall Data for Monsoon Season over Myanmar
22 Ms. Anuradha Anushika Silva Sri Lanka Monitoring Ground Water Depletion and its Impacts in and around Mahesana, Gujrat using GRACE gravity data and time series InSAR data