Twenty Third PG Course in Remote Sensing & Geographic Information System 2018 - 2019

S.No. Name Country Topic
1. Mr. Md. Abdullah Aziz Bangladesh Rice crop inventory using Temporal Sentinel SAR data
2. Ms. Noyoftova Nigorbegim Niyatbekovna Tajikistan Soil erosion risk assessment using RS and GIS
3. Ms. Orifkhonova Shakhnoza Najimkhonovna Tajikistan Soil Characterization and Capability Assessment for Land use Planning using RS & GIS
4. Ms. Phitchayalak Wongchingchai Thailand Forest Fire vulnerability modeling
5. Mr. Bichit Kumar Singh Nepal High resolution tree biomass mapping using object based image analysis and Cartosat-2S data
6. Mr. Doan Quoc Vuong Vietnam Assessing biodiversity patterns from very high resolution data
7. Mr. Sangay Gyeltshen Bhutan Integration of Remote Sensing with Geophysical Techniques for Ground Water Exploration in parts of Mussoorie
8. Mr. Riddhish Chetan Soni India Crater classification and surface composition around Chandrayaan-2 landing site and its terrestrial analogue
9. Ms. Venkata Sri Pujitha Pukkella India Urban flood hazard assessment of Ambala city using geospatial technologies
10. Ms. Wanwilai Khunta Thailand Analyzing Urban Growth Pattern of Chiang Mai City, Thailand using RS and GIS
11. Mr. Md. Abdul Hamid Mia Bangladesh Investigation of tropical cyclogenesis using NWP model and forecast over Bay of Bengal
12. Mr. Sharad Bayyana India Detection and mapping of sea grass using satellite imagery and ground data of Ritchie's archipelago, South Andaman
13. Mr. Erdenebayar Bawuu Mongolia Snowmelt Runoff Modeling in Tuul River Basin, Mongolia
14. Mr. Kyaw Min Hlaing Myanmar Flood hazard mapping in Parbati valley
15. Mr. Firuz Kenjaev Safarbekovich Tajikistan Remote sensing and hydromet data based glacier dynamics of Fedchenko Glacier
16. Ms. Laylo Kamoliddinova Zaridinova Uzbekistan Remote Sensing Based Reservoir Sedimentation Assessment - A Case Study of Bargi Reservoir
17. Mr. Sanjarbek Muratov Uzbekistan Water Balance estimation in Chirchik river basin, Uzbekistan
18. Mr. Moun Moonmeungshand Lao PDR Soil salinity & waterlogging assessment using Remote Sensing & GIS
19. Ms. Le Minh Thanh Vietnam Hydrological simulation for reservoir sedimentation assessment
20. Ms. Nyamaa Tserendulam Mongolia Time series interferometry analysis for deformation monitoring using scatterer based technique
21. Mr. Nguyen Duc Loc Vietnam SAR data processing for oil spill detection
22. Mr. Padam Bahadur Budha Nepal Landslide mapping in Siwaliks of Nepal from optical imageries
23. Ms. Saranthorn Suthana Thailand Monitoring urban change using LiDAR data
24. Mr. Jaya Surya Sattaru India Utilizing geo-social media as a proxy for improved flood monitoring